Transaxtions LLC is a registered Seller of Travel, CST 2084031-40, under the California Seller of Travel Law and participates in the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund. The following disclosures are made as needed by California Seller of Travel Law.

Note: CST registration number does not mean approval by State of California

Transaxtions LLC is registered with Travel Consumer Restitution Fund (TCRF). Your transactions with Transaxtions LLC is covered by TCRF if you the passenger is located in California at the time of payment. Eligible passengers may file claim with TCRF if the you are owed a refund of more than $50 for transportation or travel services which the seller of travel did not refund in a timely manner. The maximum amount refunded by TCRF to any one passenger is the total amount paid to the seller of travel, on behalf of all passengers not to exceed $15,000.

A claim must be submitted to TCRF within six months after the selected completion date of travel. A claim must include sufficient information documentation to prove your claim and a $35 processing fee. You must agree to waive your rights to other civil remedies against a registered participating seller of travel for matters arising out of a sale for which you file a claim with TCRF, if you were located in California at the time of sale.

This is not available to out of state passengers, not located in California at the time of purchase.

You may request a claim form by writing to TCRF, PO Box 6001, Larkspur, CA 94977-6001 or by faxing a request to 415-927-7698.

Purchase Money Disclosure. Tickets can only be purchased with major credit cards, Transaxtions LLC, never comes in contact with the money paid. The money is automatically forwarded by the credit card company as needed to the dealer/agent of the airline for issuance of the tickets. Paper Tickets are FedEx and should reach you within 5 business days.